Friday, July 15, 2011

OC Seating III

Who knew something as simple as taking a seat could end up being so complicated? To top it off, there are a few seat-related offences that could get you a ticket (and here you though tickets were only for jumping on a bus without paying?). Here are a couple of seat-related tips that'll make commuting on OC Transpo:
The Do's
  • Sit. The seats are there to be used. They are also safer. Unless you are only on for a stop or two, then please take a seat.
  • Move towards the back. Leave the cooperative seating for others that may need it more. Also, you could get fined $125 for not surrendering such a seat. If you need it, then please by all means...
  • Make it easy for someone seated next to you to disembark. It may mean getting up for a few seconds, but it's very much appreciated.
  • Fill the window seat first so that others can easily seat themselves as the bus fills.
  • Offer someone else the window seat if you are dead set against looking outside or just like being close to the centre of the bus. Who knows, you may make a friend...
  • Keep your hands to yourself, unless otherwise instructed...

The Don'ts
  • Your bag does not get a seat as the bus fills up. If people are standing and your handbag or backpack has a seat, you can bet they don't like you very much.
  • Don't sit in the aisle seat. Again, people won't like you very much as you guard an empty window seat.
  • Don't sit beside a fellow commuter on an empty bus. They will get creeped out and probably move to another seat. Or tweet about you to @IHateOCTranspo.
  • Don't play musical chairs. Firstly, there is no music. Secondly, there is no winning or losing. Thirdly, I just find it annoying.
  • Don't put your feet up on another seat. Not only does it make the seats (and as a result, the bus) dirty, you can get fined $125 for doing so.
  • Don't drive the bus, unless you are an OC Transpo operator. @DrivesInCircles does admit the driver's seat is the best seat in the house, but you're looking at a $500 fine if you aren't authorized - even if you have your B license!
Do you have any other seating advice? Share your thoughts below!

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