Sunday, July 24, 2011

O-Train Banners

I remember nearly 10 years ago, these banners on Carling were fresh. At the time, I also didn't understand how to easily get to the O-Train from the other side of the street (the answer is now simple, jaywalk). A look today show that they are staring to show their age. Perhaps we could get some new ones when the O-Train gets expanded?


  1. These are old O-train banners. Do they already have new designs for their banners?

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  2. I've seen the new design of their banners. It's cool. By the way, I have seen this design on a magazine and I scanned it.

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  4. Hopefully they replace these old banners with the new designs. I actually thought that it's a before-and-after picture at first look! green printing